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072: How to improve your mental health & emotional fitness w/ Clare Davis

June 7, 2021

How is your emotional fitness?

Just like when we exercise our body to become strong and fit and healthy, we also need to work on our emotions and mental health. And just as if we stop exercising in the gym, we also will become less emotionally fit when we stop doing the work.

Mental health is more important than ever and needs to be discussed more than ever. I hope to get to a point where conversations and asking for help on a mental part will be as 'normal' as talking about physical problems where you would go to the doctor for or that it is considered 'normal' to exercise for your body.

I had an amazing conversation with Clare Davis of Mental Health Chats (, who is a mental health trainer and gives workshops in the workplace to improve mental health.

We discuss what emotional fitness is and how we can recognise within ourselves and others when our mental health is suffering before it is too late, so we can take the appropriate actions and things to do to look after ourselves and others in a kind way.

We look at tips and tricks to take care of our mental health in the workplace and we talk about getting a conversation started with others when it comes to addressing their mental health and looking after them in a way they need.

Clare shares an amazing tip on how to talk when you are stressed and are mentally triggered, which is simple yet so effective. I am so happy to be sharing this podcast episode with you as this shares everything I am passionate about and feel like we need to address in this beautiful world. 

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