Life To Enjoyce

069: Body positivity & finding your inner confidence with Ashtyn Gloury

May 17, 2021

How a plussize dancer became an icon for many other women and found her inner confidence with herself and her body. @ashtyngloury and I talk about positive body image and our mental health. A topic that has shifted in a great direction, yet isn't talked on it enough. ⠀

We both share our personal stories when it comes to our negative body image and how we changed it so that we are truly happy with how we look, no matter what the standard is or people think of us. ⠀

In this podcast with Ashtyn, you will learn about:⠀
💕 How to talk better to yourself, like you are your best friend and your cheerleader⠀
💕 How you can learn to be full and happy by doing and being you instead of comparing yourself with others⠀
💕 How no matter what other people will tell you, if you don't truly believe it yourself, it will never sink in and tips to believe in yourself more⠀
💕 Tips on creating a better mental health for yourself and much much more!⠀

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