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066: Limiting Beliefs for Life & Health : Meaning, How to Overcome them & Move Through Them

March 8, 2021

When we have a goal or a dream in our life, usually the only reason why we won't succeed is due to our limiting beliefs. These are thoughts and things that we believe are true to us that will limit us to what we are capable of. 

If you say to yourself I can't do this, I will never lose the weight, why is this not happening for me. Or things like I will start tomorrow, it doesn't matter that much, one time won't hurt. This is not possible for me. These are all major beliefs that will keep us from achieving the things that we want to achieve in life. 

Today I talk with Hanna Schultz on limiting beliefs. What they are, how you can recognise them and how to overcome them so that you can still move forward to achieve your beautiful goal. Even when it is scary

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